Why Telling Your Story Is Important

I was recently interviewed by Females and Finance friend, Rhonda Noordyk, for her podcast, "Divorce Conversations for Women." It was one of the more difficult times in my speaking career because I was finally telling the story of my divorce.

I'm not here to retell my tale, you can listen to it for yourself here:

...but what was more important was by telling my story, I felt my words no longer gave power to the divorce, but to the next chapter of my life - which honestly is the best part of my life now! It also meant if I was brave, then someone else might be brave and together that can be some powerful stuff.

In financial services, our clients come to us with so many different things they are working through. It might be a new business, it might be a new baby, it might be a new job, and it might be the loss of one. Whatever they need, we need to be open to hearing the real truth behind the stories. And my truth was all about fear. When the divorce happened, I was about to be single for the first time in twenty-four years and with little income, I was frightened and embarrassed and guess what? I bet your clients are, too.

Take Action: When you tell your story authentically (and I truly feel many of us need a Rhonda Noordyk to interview us and get the full emotional piece out because that's where the real work comes from) your clients will connect with you in a new and more powerful way. Just by being a human.

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