What's the real secret to effective marketing?

I know, I know, I know...

Before you send me hate mail on some of the stuff she says, hear me out all the way through and you'll see where I'm going with this and why I chose Suze Orman.

Marketing is interesting. It's very specific to your audience, right? You share 80% of the stuff your audience would enjoy interacting with and then slip in the 20% of the stuff you need to tell them (or they need to know) and keep finessing a strategy around this. This is VERY over-simplifying the way it's done, but it gives you an idea of what's going on out there, except...

How many of you can honestly say you're consistent in your message? How about in your delivery? I mean - be brutally honest in how you answer that question.

This is exactly why I picked Suze Orman because love her or hate her - she has this down and it's all about CONSISTENCY!

1. She picks a topic and then agitates it endlessly.

Think about this for a moment. What I love about Orman's marketing is she finds one topic and she agitates it 400x...she doesn't pick 400 topics to talk about a couple of times each.

Her latest thing is about rejoicing if the market goes down. (I know - don't send me hate mail.) Just look at how many times she talked about that very topic over the course of just two days:

- Today Show: Suze Orman talks about the best ways to save for retirement

- MarketWatch: Suze Orman is a stock picker — and this is her biggest trading regret

- CNBC: Suze Orman’s advice to investors on the market’s drop: ‘Rejoice’

- Yahoo: Suze Orman on market sell-off: even though it’s down, it's still really at its all-time high'

- Acorns: Suze Orman: ‘Do not let these markets scare you — you want these markets to go down’

The list goes on, but you get the picture. Find a topic and stay on it. You will resonate with the ones who need to hear it and the rest, they will tune out. That's ok - those aren't your clients. (I already wrote about that, remember?)

2. She delivers her messages in the same words and the same way.

Suze Orman LOVES video. She wants to be on television as much as possible. And you know what? She leverages her prowess with different stations and publications to get herself there. And the television stations eat it up because they know she's going to be consistent in the words she uses and how she delivers the message.

When is the last time you chose your words and used those words over and over again to describe your people, processes, planning, products, programs, etc.?

3. She shows up consistently looking like Suze Orman.

You're counting on Suze Orman to wear that same blonde bob haircut, right? (You can click here to check my theory.)

She always wears matching outfits.

She is tan.

She flips her collar up on most shirts with a collar.

All of that stuff matters because you'll be able to differentiate her out of a crowd.

Do you have a certain marketing look when you speak? Great speakers do this. They have an image and they show up consistently so you can pick them out of a crowd.

PERSON OF ACTION: Think about all of these things the next time you go to a conference or speak at a business. How do you show up? Do you have a consistent message? Are you working a few topics hundreds of times versus hundred of topics a couple of times? How can you make your marketing efforts more consistent?

Warrior on -

Sheryl Hickerson

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