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Who loves a good story? #RaiseYourHand

I couldn't pass up the chance to share something as wonderful as this TODAY Show feature on a librarian in Lincoln, Nebraska who decided she was not going to let this COVID-19 quarantine get in the way of inspiring her young students. Go ahead - go watch it. I'll wait.

1. Do you care about your clients as much as this librarian cares about her students?

2. Do you put this much thought into creating amazing content so you're interesting and different?

3. Do you tell your story in a way that resonates deeply with others?

PERSON OF ACTION: I typically put a commentary after questions, but I think each question is personal to the individual reading it. Dig and remember what draws you to do the work you do. If your work doesn't spark joy, then how do you do a Marie Kondo eval of your work so it does?

Warrior on,

Sheryl Hickerson

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