I need your help

I usually write these blog articles for the members of the Females and Finance community, but not this one. This one - this one post is just for me. And if you're not a supporter of Black Lives Matter maybe read it from this perspective of a mom with children of color - and know that Females and Finance is 100% behind this movement.

You see -

- I want a better place for my kids to grow up. So when I walk into a restaurant with one white son, two Middle Eastern daughters, and a black son and black daughter I don't have questions about how many times I've been married, how lucky my kids are to have a white mom, or the silent eyes looking over and judging my family dynamic. (I actually had someone tell me this weekend it's a good thing I found these kids to keep them from the gangs. Stop with the microagressive comments!)

- I want a better place for my kids to find jobs. So when my daughter wants to apply for a job she doesn't have to change her name from Farahnaz to Farah to make it more likely they will call her because they can say her name. Or my son Shamal to say, "They probably will see my name and not hire me, Mom. It's ok, I'm used to it. I'll keep going!"

- I want a better place for my kids to find financial resources. So when they apply for loans or want debt restructuring assistance or they want to find the best portfolio for their investments they know where to go (which should be anywhere in financial services) and who to talk to (which should be everyone in financial services) and they don't hear things like, "Wow - you're so articulate." Or, "I can't believe how intelligent you are about numbers."

- I want a better place for my kids to have retirement possibilities. Do you realize my kids are pretty sure they will die working...just like most of their family members have? Do you realize my kids want to have a retirement and a garden and an occasional vacation and update their cars here and there - just like most of America does? Their desires are the exact same desires of everyone else. Nothing is different for them, except the color of their skin.

The Washington Post shared an article today that the white-black economic divide is as great as it was in 1968. Cmon - this is financial malpractice! We must act now!

What can I do as a leader to help? What resources are needed? I'm asking - I need to know so I can rally troops and do something because if we leave it as is - - our America will continue to financially suffocate. I'm not letting that happen on my watch...not for my kids and not for anyone else's.

So here I am making a plea: WHAT can this community do? We have almost 3,000 people. Surely together we can do something more to affect a change. I'm here - I'm ready to work - I want verbs.

Warrior On -

Sheryl Hickerson

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