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Yesterday, I was able to be part of something so amazing and life-changing and I'm glad I did it. My friend, my coach in all things business and life, Judy Hoberman, hosted the Panel of Exceptional Women Reunion Show. I'm not even sure how many weeks Judy had different speakers (which I was one of in those weeks) and yesterday, she hosted us all to come back for a 1-2 minute nugget to share with the HUNDREDS of men and women who came on the webinar not just to learn and listen, but to love on each speaker and listener.

During this pandemic, one of the things I have come to understand about myself (Sheryl and I have spent a lot of time together in these past few months) is that I am empath. I just feel things a little bit more. And I also found out (yes, through a therapist which I highly recommend everyone try once in a while) is that if I deny that part of who I am, then I deny my brilliance.

So yesterday - I was validated. And today, I hope to share something very profound with all of you.

1. Love Boldly

I soaked in these two words a lot yesterday. One of the speakers sort of said it as she was talking and the words literally hit me so hard. I got emotional over it. (And thank you to the friends who saw my tears on the webinar and just let me be emotional without feeling weak about it.)

With our community at Females and Finance, is might be weird to say I love my community members boldly. I do. I love who they are, their craft, and their individuality. They each make our networking and vibe just flow.

No matter what your business is about today, please go check on your clients. All of them. Seriously. Go put a newsletter together RIGHT THIS MOMENT and channel your empath to ask, "Are you doing, ok?" Make it intimate. If you can't - hire someone to help you with that because the world is not doing so well. You'll see some examples in a moment.

2. Own Your Brilliance

Alexis Gladstone is someone I highly respect and she always reminds you to help others with their shout outs and boost their courage until they can do it for themselves. As someone who feels a lot - this spoke volumes to me.

She literally just said, "Go Love Boldly" on others. Part of your brilliance is creating that safe space and structure for your family, your business partners, your team, your friends, your clients, your posse - - to lean on your and into your brilliance, especially in times like today where so many feel lost.

3. People Want To Work With Others Who Just "Get Them"

There were two trending articles today that honestly shows the stress everyone is feeling about our current situation:

One - Working women in heterosexual couple relationships have REDUCED THEIR WORK HOURS 4-5 TIMES the amount. In financial services, what do you think this does to their financial planning? FEEL THAT PART of the problem.

Two - Teachers are ready to QUIT RATHER THAN RISK THEIR LIVES in a classroom setting due to COVID19. What do you think this does to THEIR retirement planning? (And whatever happens to them, go back to my first point.)

PERSON OF ACTION: This is a cyclic problem, everyone! I think we have to talk to people - AND BUILD HEART-DRIVEN PRACTICES: - and show our clients we care and we understand.

- - What about hosting a marriage counselor in a private Facebook group with clients to talk about this stuff?

- - What about having a financial therapist in the room to talk through stuff together?

Seriously - our people are not doing that great, friends. Let's love boldly on our clients today so we help them build better tomorrows.

Warrior on,

Sheryl Hickerson

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