How to stop being "Today's Years Old" when you learn something

Friendly reminder that Mother's Day is less than a week away...

I know I'm stating the obvious but many of you will be trying to sneak out to Walgreen's, etc. with your #COVID19 masks on to buy those Mother's Day cards and whatever else you can snag on your venture, but since we are also celebrating #MarketingMay at Females and Finance, I think it's the perfect time to starting talking about the obvious.

How many of you have seen these images going around the Internet:

I know these are silly, but the fact is we go through life rather aimlessly. We know we have been doing stuff and it's been working and yet we know it could be better and we don't stop and find the solution. Why?

1. Question EVERYTHING you do

As soon as you think, "I didn't know that!" then remember that is EXACTLY how many people feel about you and your business. It's just us being humans.

You might be sharing really cool stuff all the time, but what about the boring stuff? The bread-n-butter stuff? The stuff that puts you in your zone? That's what you also need to be thinking about.

2. Question WHY you don't share all those things you do

Typically financial service professionals will say to me, "Everyone knows we do that" but do they? Do they really know you do long-term care insurance? Do they really know you have someone in your office who is a notary? Do they really know you have a conference room that you're willing to have your clients come in and use? Probably not.

3. Question HOW you can not slip back into old habits

This is really hard for a lot of people because it requires being vulnerable. You absolutely must give your colleagues and staff members the opportunity to share their ideas and be told you welcome innovation. This is CRITICAL if you have any chance at growing, changing, transforming, transcending your business.

Those around you have VALUABLE ideas. Why not put a survey out asking what you could be doing differently? Ask your clients what service could you provide that would help them even more? Tell your employees, your friends, your SIGNIFICANT OTHER that your mind is open for new ideas and to lay it all out.

PERSON OF ACTION: When you're shocked at how simple something is to you, relate it to what you do and then share THAT with EVERYONE. Stop being "Today's Years Old" with your marketing. Make sure everyone knows exactly what you do. Make sure everyone in your office is able to step up with ideas and allowed to be innovative to enhance the marketing opportunities of your business. The world deserves to hear all your good news!

Warrior on,

Sheryl Hickerson

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