Founding Partner Series: FA Match

When our community was built - - it always came with three pillars of focus: recruitment, training, and advancement of women working in financial services and financial technology as well as the men who champion them. When I read an article about Ryan Shanks of FA Match, we knew this would be a 'match' made for our community.

Are you familiar with FA Match?

Very exciting times are on the horizon with Ryan and his team. WealthManagement.comannounced a new 2.0 platform of FA Match which will not only include compatibility factors, but video conferencing software, too, in order to support our more virtual worlds after the COVID-19 quarantine took precedence.

How does this directly benefit Females and Finance members?

Our community was always built with recruitment efforts in mind - how do we grow our profession? One of the most pressing issues we faced, though, was privacy. Looking for a career in any environment - COVID-19 or not - can be daunting and filled with unknowns. The FA Match platform handles all of that privacy for you.

How do FA Match and Females and Finance work together?

Ryan is one of the most caring individuals in the financial services space. He's not afraid to be outspoken on what is right or what is wrong and he always advocates to grow our profession with the best people, processes, and policies - even if that is not always the way "it's always been done." In fact, I think Ryan works against that adage as much as possible.

Ryan and several members of his team are very involved with our community. As a male ally, Ryan spends times answering questions from community members and providing resources. He is also very vocal about growing feminine and diverse talent in our profession.

Engaging Founding Partners is not always simple - the vetting process we take at Females and Finance is always in the spirit of, "What is in the best interest of our members?" We find looking at a benefit and working it backwards into the practice or careers of our members makes the right partners stand out. FA Match definitely stands out.

Warrior On -

Sheryl Hickerson

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