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Founding Member Series - Why we partner with NAIFA

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Partnerships are something we take very seriously at Females and Finance. Part of my role as Chief Financial Officer at Females and Finance is reviewing the best benefits out there for our members to have access to and that is why we chose to partner with NAIFA.

Are you familiar with NAIFA?

NAIFA (National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors) promotes the critical role of insurance in sound financial plans and the essential role provided by the professional agents and advisors who join their organization.

How does that directly benefit Females and Finance members?

In layman's terms, NAIFA is the organization that supports our industry in times of need. NAIFA helps us grow through education, support from our peers, and helps the consumer understand what is important. But what we think is the best benefit of NAIFA membership and partnering is they will advocate at both the state and federal levels on issues that affect the well-being of both your clients' assets as well as your own advisor business.

How do NAIFA and Females and Finance work together?

NAIFA partnered with our organization to expand the depth of benefits to our membership base, while we also work toward diversifying our workforce in financial services. Approximately 18 months ago, Females and Finance originally started as a special interest group to advocate recruitment, training, and advancement of more women in our profession. 

Today, we are a community of 2900+ professionals and provide a private, online network for like-minded financial service professionals to share valuable insights, have engaging discussions, while establishing key connections. Our categories of interest cover a wide variety of cutting-edge topics while keeping the pulse on today's business world. 

Take advantage of joining Females and Finance to connect with others in your area of expertise as well as others outside your area so you grow both personally and professionally.

Stay well - 

Darrell Hickerson

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